Do you think they are the most iconic? Or they capture something about your state that really speaks to the regional culture? As a native Mainer, I am certainly fine with Stephen King. He's actually really into being a good member of the community, doing things like being involved in the local music scene or local charity groups. Mainers are really proud to claim him as our own. But to be honest, if I thought anyone captured the essence of Maine, it'd be Carolyn Chute. Her books really capture something special about rural Maine life. There is a rugged kind of lifestyle there that speaks to community and affiliation but there is also a remarkable practicality and idiosyncrasy that people embrace. People in Maine always say that Mainers work hard because they have to. It's not always an easy life there but it has it's own vitality. However, if you asked most Mainers, they may say Longfellow, who has a rather prominent statue in downtown Portland. Every child in Maine learns that while he found fortune and prominence elsewhere, he is really a Mainer and when you come from a state with a small population, that's a big deal.