A Clash of Kings part three! ~200-~300!

Things are beginning to happen here. And officially leaving the establishing section of the novel for the beginnings of development. This section's Arya and Tyrion heavy, and really this book kind of is so far. Counting the prologue, 45% of chapters so far have been from their perspectives. They're going to be where a good deal of the events go down in this book.

Jon: Empty towns. Not ominous at all. Nope, not even a little. I'm beginning to think this Mance Rayder guy is either gathering the Wildings somewhere deep up there, or he's dead and there pretty much aren't too many people left. Oh, and I recently rewatched How to Train Your Dragon and cannot help but picture Samwell Tarly as Fishlegs now.

Arya: They find some shelter near God's Eye and Lannister knights come and attack. And it's Tywin's bannerman, and they tend toward burning stuff, which means Gregor's around somewhere. So the kids get out, Lommy's injured, and Arya may have set the three chained up guys free early enough they could get out. Will have to see if they turn up again.

Tyrion: Well, Cersei's not so great at politics when you get her angry – Stannis and his letter sure got her in a tizzy. She's lucky to have Tyrion around to feed her ideas on how to make Stannis look bad. This chain business is interesting, but I don't quite know what to make of it yet. And Tyrion meets secretly with Varys yet again – and Littlefinger looks like he might be getting his hands into too many cookie jars for his own good.


Bran: Bran standing in as lord here. I'm sure the details of the Lady Hornwood's heir prospects will be important, but they aren't much right now. Not when the real important thing has happened: Bran remembers. And if he remembers, a whole lot of Lannister effort might just be wasted.

Tyrion: So Pycelle is pretty easily cowed by Tyrion, so there's one duck. Varys is doing his thing, but his and Tyrion's goals might overlap. Cersei's, well, Cersei. And Littlefinger's looking more and more like an enemy to Tyrion now. And Tyrion plays (or he thinks he does, hard to tell) Littlefinger and Varys like fiddles in getting Myrcella and Tommen out of King's Landing and gaining allies. Cersei won't like it, but more pressing matters, of course. Renly's on the move, gathering support, but not attacking yet. Oh, and Thorne's arrived, but he's been put off. Wonder what the Hand will make of the hand.

Sansa: So the floppy knight has taken his turn as fool to reconsider his life, and he has dedicated himself to helping Sansa. As someone who thought that coming to King's Landing would be just like the stories she's heard and read, Sansa's in great luck. Now she gets to live one of those stories. And because they're relevant here, some quotes from Don Quijote which can be related to Sansa.


Before coming to terms with Joffrey being, well, Joffrey:

Es natural condición de las mujeres desdeñar a quien las quiere y amar a quien las aborrece

It is the natural condition of women to disdain those who love them and love those who loathe them.


And this one covers both our Floppy knight and the fool in Stannis' court.

La más discreta figura de la comedia es la del bobo, porque no lo ha de ser el que quiere dar a entender que es simple

The most discreet figure in comedy is the fool, because the one who wishes to play the role of fool must not be one


Sandor seems very keen on helping Sansa, telling her implicitly to get a lot better at lying.

Arya: So Gendry has Arya figured out, and she comes clean with him, and they go scouting. Yoren's dead, and it's just the four of them and Weasel – no sign of the three chained up guys. Lommy's all about yielding. They get themselves caught by Gregor, and wind up leading back to Lommy and Hot Pie – Weasel cut and run. Lommy, injured as he is, gets speared for his trouble. Yielding. Heck of a strategy.

Things of importance:
* Fools everywhere
* Bran remembers
* Thorne is in King's Landing
* Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are caught
* Sansa has a knight
* Tyrion's machinations. Including the chain


Predictions pulled out of my ass:
* Weasel and the three chained guys are at large. My guess is the wolves have something to do with Gendry and Arya escaping (Hot Pie dies), and maybe Weasel or the guys are involved.
* Harrenhal's going to be the big climactic thing in this book, and it's going to bring Arya, Tywin, and Robb all to one place. Possibly Stannis and Renly too, who knows.
* Bran remembering won't do much good right now, but it might lend some credence to certain of Stannis' claims.
* Coming up on something big next time we see Jon – only so long before the ranging beyond the Wall turns something up.