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Let's Read A Song of Ice and Fire part XL

Let’s Watch A Game of Thrones S01xE06

So the summer is officially upon us, and among the things that means is more time for reading/watching. It also means I have passed my comprehensive exam, which furthermore means that now I am ABD and don’t have to really worry about taking classes. I’ll still be busy – I’ve got a dissertation to write, and another degree program as well – but I will be able to be a bit more consistent during the regular semester now, too, I think. So, on to the show.


Things are going steadily downhill now. We’re firmly on the path to Ned’s death and Dany’s ascendance.

Over in King’s Landing, Ned wakes up and finds himself with Robert and Cersei by his bed. I can’t help but feel, with the much smaller doses of Cersei I feel like the show has given me so far, that I feel sorry for her in the show. Robert punching her comes off perhaps even worse here than in the book – at least in the book it’s a backhand and seems more reactive. Here he turns toward her and just slugs her in the face.


Ned’s the Hand again, and that means dealing with the smallfolk while Robert goes hunting (and getting poisoned by Lancel, which we see a bit of – it’s impressive how much Robert downs in wine – while Robert makes Renly uncomfortable with questions about how many women he’s slept with). Ned, in no mood to screw around or heed Robert’s call to make peace with the Lannisters, sends Beric Dondarrion to find the Mountain and bring him to justice. Pycelle seems even more old and tired here than I recall him being in the book at this point. He’s frustrating to watch.

Arya continues her training and all is going well on that front. Joffrey makes nice with Sansa, and somehow manages to come off kind of charming? I really didn’t expect the actor to be able to do that. Ned, by the end of the episode, resolves to send the girls back home and Sansa’s fit about not being able to marry her sweet, gallant little tyrant-in-training gives Ned the clue he needs about Robert’s kids and what Jon Arryn was after.

Up in Winterfell, we see Bran test out his new saddle, and we get to the point where we meet Osha. Cool, I’m looking forward to having her around now. Theon’s favorite whore is heading south, and honestly I don’t care much beyond seeing Theon disappointed brings great joy to my heart.

The guy playing Mord up in the Eyrie is nailing it, and it seems they’ve dumbed him down even from where he is in the books. People talk about Hodor as simpleminded, but he just has Broca’s aphasia. He literally can’t communicate with words. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a simpleton, and in fact he could well be brilliant but resigns himself to his fate because he has no way to communicate. Mord? Mord is dumber than a box of rocks.. Tyrion’s trial goes on, and we get a look at the Moon Door, and it’s even more terrifying than I had expected. Well done, show writers.


Over in Vaes Dothrak, Dany ponders her eggs. The Harry Potter method won’t work, and Dany goes to retrieve the eggs but Irri worries for her safety and takes them herself, burning her hands while Dany is unscarred. That dragon blood, I guess? Dany eats a horse’s heart and looks like an absolute champ. I completely adore the bloodstains – they make her look quite fierce. At the end we reach the point the episode is named for, the crowning of Viserys. The gold melts way too fast, but the effect is really cool when applied. It’s a condensed scene, but it still works quite well. And at last Viserys can stop being an annoyance in either medium.

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