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Let's Read A Song of Ice and Fire part XLI

Let’s Watch A Game of Thrones S01xE07

At the current rate, I might finish season one by the time season six ends. But hey, it’s another episode. And the summer is upon us, so I should be able to update more again.


We start off with Jaime and, after looking it up to confirm, Tywin. I think this is our introduction to Tywin as a character. We haven’t really seen the role in full yet, so hard to say how the actor fits. Cautiously optimistic so far – this show-only scene gives him some gravitas and some basic establishment that will hopefully go a long way. Also, digging the subtlety of him skinning a dead stag in the episode where Robert dies. That’s a little thing that definitely works well as character establishment.

Over in King’s Landing, things are getting dire for Ned. He does his warning for Cersei. Not a bad adaptation of the book scene, though it felt a little wooden at points. The actress playing Cersei isn’t quite doing the job for me, I think.


The scene with Littlefinger and the prostitutes is interesting, in that it gives us a glimpse into what makes him tick. What he learned from that duel and his emphasis on not playing by the same rules as everyone else is especially interesting. Nothing I’m not clear on from being where I am in the books, but I imagine he’s going to be one of the characters the show does somewhat differently. I think by the time I get to season 2, I might eventually begin tracking thoughts about how the show will change book stuff.

Back to Ned, we get Robert’s will, Renly’s offer (which among offers proffered to Ned in this episode, is about the only one that even makes good sense to take), Robert’s death, Joffrey’s ascent to the throne, Littlefinger’s betrayal with the gold cloaks (seriously, Ned, he even as much as told you he was going to betray you), and Ned’s attempt to use Robert’s will to get his way. I want to say Ned comes off even more disastrously naïve here than in the book. That may be just my thoughts being colored by having read what I have at this point, though. But seriously, use the will before Robert’s dead because Cersei makes a good point – Robert’s dead, and who cares about obeying a dead king when there’s a living one to issue orders?

Theon and Osha have a small scene. Theon continues to suck, and perhaps be even less interesting than in the books. Osha, however, does great. The actress has the contempt for nobility thing down, a great sarcastic streak in this scene, and her eyes are just extremely striking. Honestly, I get the feeling I’m going to want to see her adventures with Rickon more than some stuff heading our way – by the way, back to the books for a moment, it’s been forever since we saw her and Rickon. Those two and Shaggydog are bound to have a big moment sometime in the sixth book, I think.

Across the sea, we have the attempted assassination of Dany with the wine. It does not go well. And when the merchant is captured, and Khal Drogo makes his speech, it’s one of the finest bits of work I’ve seen from him so far. The chemistry between him and Dany works. There are some bits where if you watch Dany during the speech you can sort of see her mind working through what he’s saying. Something like “Yes, yes, very good, sweetie. Okay, maybe not so much with the rape and the slavery, but we can work on that while we’re on the boats. The rest sounds very good, though.” Very good work.


Up at the Wall Jon Snow and Sam see no rider with Ben’s horse. Then, later on, Snow gets all miffed about getting assigned to steward duty. All the stuff he said about being a steward being honorable and then he pitches a fit and considers deserting because he doesn’t get to be a ranger. Jon Snow just comes off in the show as even more whiny than he ever came off in the books. Of course you got picked as a steward, Jon. You can read and write. That’s rather valuable. Listen to Sam, who is a lot more level-headed than you are.

Oh, and when your wolf brings back a forearm and hand, try to be careful.

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