Let’s Watch Game of Thrones part three! S01xE03

What’s that? I’m watching the show again? I am. It’s much more relaxed for me to watch the show, simply because I don’t have to worry so much about encountering too much new stuff at once.

Episode three. We’re in King’s Landing now, and that means we get to meet a few folks. I’m mostly going to reflect on that and a couple scenes here.

Varys looks almost exactly like I pictured him. Great casting, and the performance works. You really get a sense that he’s extremely slimy.

Littlefinger I’m more ambivalent about. He looks both more and less creepy than I expected. It might be the fact that I know the book plot, but it also seems that in some ways the performance for Varys and Littlefinger both telegraph a bit too much that they should never be trusted, ever.

Renly looks like a younger, more or less clean cut Robert. Good look.

I like Syrio Forel. This guy looks and sounds great all around. I particularly enjoyed the scene. Good teaching scene, and the actress playing Arya does really well.

Aemon Targaryen looks pretty solid. I figure he’s been aged down, because he looks a bit younger than a hundred and two.

Lancel looks exactly like the goober I imagined, just with longer hair. Excellent.

There are a couple scenes here that I think are show original. There’s one between Cersei and Joffrey where she’s trying to convince him to accept the idea of marrying Sansa and he suggests a standing army. Reinforcement for the viewers on the whole “Don’t trust these people” aspect, as well as giving Joffrey a much needed jolt of extra hateability. So far the performance for him hasn’t had enough charisma to draw me in to hating him on its own merits, so this helped. It also occurs to me that Cersei taking an active involvement in raising Joffrey, while more or less ignoring Tommen and Myrcella, is what messed him up particularly bad. The other two turned out somewhat normal precisely because they were ignored by Robert and Cersei and thus were never really subject to their utter idiocy.

There’s also one which seems intended to make it clear we shouldn’t necessarily like Bobby Barratheon, either. Recounting his first kill and demanding such stories from his guards does not make for a good impression.

There’s another scene, with Dany and Viserys, where the show seems to have trimmed a little and undercut one of the key elements of the scene as it stands in the book. In the book, Dany gives the command to take Viserys’s horse and make him walk. Here she says nothing but that she doesn’t want him harmed, and she gets on her horse, and Jhogo tells him to walk. This was an important growth moment for Dany, so taking it away from her definitely begins the shift away from the books – provided they follow through with how this will alter her character down the line.

Again, not a bad episode. Surprised I didn’t spot a single direwolf in the whole episode, though. I am looking forward to seeing them get big.