Another show update. There will be a book update this Wednesday.

Let’s Read: A Song of Ice and Fire:
Let’s Watch Game of Thrones
part four! S01xE04

I think it might be easiest for me with the show episodes to take things by location, much the way the read through takes things by viewpoint. Should make things more organized.

So, over in Vaes Dothrak we have Dany and Viserys at the heart of things. Where last episode saw Dany’s growth undermined, here she gets some of it back. She’s says he’ll never be a king, and he couldn’t lead an army even if one were given to him. And she tells him she’s pregnant.

Of interest is the bit with Doreah and Viserys in the bath. We get to hear from him about dragons, and Doreah gets a bit of characterization along the way. This is all good, and it’s something we wouldn’t see in the book due to the point of view dynamics. I think after another episode or two I might have something more constructive to say about the way the show handles point of view. There are some other small changes from the book, but nothing that doesn’t make sense.

Up in the North and then at the Crossroads inn, we get to see just brief bits. Tyrion gives Bran the plans for a custom saddle. I haven’t put it together before, but I think out of the remaining Starks Bran might be inclined to work with Tyrion in the future should the opportunity to do so present itself. Catelyn has Tyrion arrested. I’m guessing we’ll soon meet Lysa. Good grief.

In King’s Landing we have the tourney start and a quick introduction to the brothers Clegane. Littlefinger’s the one who tells Sansa about how Sandor got his scars here, though I can’t see why he makes for a better source in the show other than to up the pace for TV.

Meanwhile Ned’s tracking down what happened to Jon Arryn and is also coming up on the truth. We got to meet Gendry, so that’s good. He and Cersei are getting friction already. We’re probably only an episode or two out from him getting arrested.

Now to the Wall. We get to meet Sam, and he’s a bit more beardy than I expected. I’m still going to imagine Fishlegs when I read the book, I think. Jon is quick to be a bro for Sam, and Thorne is just as much of an a-hole as he is in the book. Another show-only scene here, this time between Sam and Jon while scrubbing tables. We get some of Jon’s insecurity about his parentage brought up here. Good stuff.

The show’s pretty tightly done so far. Not a lot of wasted space, and it tries and succeeds in bringing a good amount of the important beats over from the book. So far, it’s a pretty decent adaptation.