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A Clash of Kings part six! ~500-~600!

The semester is over. Holy crap it was terrible. I do not wish to speak of it. Unfortunately, I read this section not long after my last update, so I haven't looked at it in a long time. So this is going to be a short update based on a quick skim over it so I can refamiliarize myself with the present goings-on. I will, however, be able to give a much fuller update on the next section, ideally within a few days of today, as I'm on break now between the semesters and I need recovery time.

Jon and Ghost find a black cloak and dragonglass. They're getting closer to finding out what's up with this gathering of Wildings, too.


Bran has the green sight, but he's no good at metaphors. Should have been an English major, Bran. Then you wouldn't have any issues understanding "It is the sea that comes." At least minor in it. And the Walders continue to suck.

Tyrion's finding that the world just hands him opportunities. Now he has an option to replace Sansa as Joffrey's betrothed. Littlefinger's going to be the envoy, though, and he's justifiably uncertain of what that's about. And when Myrcella gets shipped off, we get another dose of Sansa's enduring faith in the power of story when she talks of Aemon the Dragonknight's tears. Bronn's thoughts that perhaps Tommen would make a better king are very, very justified.

Theon's still sore about harrying the coast. Not too much here, except he's clearly setting his sights on violating his father's orders and taking Winterfell directly.

Arya gets her second wish, and it's Weese. She learned a major lesson here about knowing your true enemies. The rumors she hears about Robb, though, are interesting. Robb's connection to Grey Wind is not unlike the connection between the other direwolves and their boys – if Bran and Rickon's connection is so strong they appear to have a magical connection, I wonder if there's one for Jon and Robb? Which only brings me back to wondering when Nymeria will crop back up.


Catelyn sees Ned's bones and Edmure plans a battle. She also convinces Brienne to join Robb's cause. Things about to get interesting. Brienne's words to Catelyn about "woman's courage" also bring to mind the kind of access medieval women had to power. I'll probably talk more about that when I've finished the book – it seems to be a big part of the whole book.

Dany seems to be making very slow progress in her quest to gain any kind of access to Westeros. The firemage is interesting, and Xaro seems to be a dead end false friend. It's going to be a while before she gets across the sea.


The bread riots in King's Landing are just going to lead to something bigger. Some deaths, Joffrey getting justly shoved and kicked by Tyrion, the least of what I've been wanting. And Cersei backing up Tyrion has been a strange thing.

Things of importance:

* Jon found a bit of black cloak. Ben's? Is Ben still, beyond all probability, alive?
* Weese was next. But Arya had better be careful and deliberate next time.
* King's Landing is going to go up like a pile of… well, a pile of wildfire. Good job, Tyrion.
* Theon's interested in the biggest glory of all – taking Winterfell.


Predictions pulled out of my ass:

* Theon's gloryseeking is going to get his ass handed to him at some point.
* King's Landing will probably cease to be an actual place at some point soon. It's not going to make it.


Remember, I'm still unspoiled. Please avoid spoilers in the comments from anything after this point.

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