Our most inexhaustible source of magic
Our most inexhaustible source of magic

So you like books? How about write about them? Call for Authors

Hello there, everybody, this is Ridley putting out a call for authors for Bibliomancy. What’s Bibliomancy, you ask - well, I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. The short version is this: it’s a place to talk books, literature, and writing.

The long version? Bibliomancy started off as a project Zap Rowsdower conceived of and I helped put into action. We wanted a place to talk books, somewhere run by commenters and not part of one of the mainpages. It’s difficult, for instance, to have conversations on the Gawker Review of Books page due to the way Gawker mainpages just don’t follow commenters to allow them to have visible discussion..


So Bibliomancy is first and foremost a place for us to discuss books. But it’s more than that, or it aspires to be more than that. In the past few months, Bibliomancy has fallen off the radar a bit and I’ve found myself feeling like it was becoming my personal “Let’s Read Game of Thrones” blog. That’s not its purpose. That kind of single topic dominance is not what I would like Bibliomancy to be, nor would it be what Zap would like it to be.

So it is with this post that I hereby retire the old tagline, “Because books are sacred,” as a sign of what I hope to be a shift in direction for Bibliomancy with this new call for authors. The new tagline will be “Our most inexhaustible source of magic” - courtesy of Albus Dumbledore.


Now, to you, potential authors:

We want you. Please post, share, and comment. We’d love to see this community grow into a community. This call for authors is open until June 13. Beginning June 14 I will be looking through the comments, vetting commenting histories, and approving new authors. I will re-share this post to other sub-blogs again on Thursday and Saturday. If you have authorship on Clashtalk, Whitenoise, Hackerspace, etc. I would greatly appreciate if you could make sure it’s shared there as well.

In order to put your name down for authorship, please leave a comment including the following:

Your name (eta: doesn’t have to be your real name if you don’t want it to be, just whatever you’d like us to call you)


Your favorite book

Your favorite genre

What’s the most recent book you’ve read?

Do you write? If so, what do you write?

Please also leave a comment, suggestion, clever anecdote, funny witticism, or dirty limerick

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